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Making A Potential Client Into A Listing

Posted Thursday, April 25, 2019

As today's real estate market evolves, agents are doing the bulk of their business online. However, while this may sound as though it makes the job easier, it can also prove to have many difficulties. One of the biggest is how to turn these potential clients into an actual listing, which for many real estate professionals proves to be more difficult than they think. While these online referral leads are from people who are considering selling their property and have not made a decision as to which agent they will use, the lead itself means the door is open for a smart agent to take advantage and close the deal. To learn how, here are some great techniques to use.

Text Messaging
Once an online lead reaches an agent, react as fast as possible. In most cases, it is best to contact a potential client within no more than one hour after receiving their inquiry. In most cases, text messaging is the best bet to get in touch with a client. Unlike emails that may not always be opened immediately, the National Association of Realtors reports text messages have a near 100% open rate. Therefore, by sending an immediate text message to a potential client, your chances of getting a listing are greatly increased.

Email Scripts
While text messaging is extremely effective in turning potential clients into listings, email is still considered very viable as well. But to maximize its potential, it is important agents say the right things in their emails that will generate additional interest from a client. For example, a common script that is used by many agents includes such phrasing as, "While you are considering allowing me the chance to help sell your home, I thought I'd pass along some tips and resources that will make your home stand out to potential buyers". This, along with a few well-placed links to helpful websites, will go far in establishing you as an agent who is willing to go the extra mile to help a client in whatever way possible.

Social Media Presence
Once an agent gets referral leads, this opens the door to many ways in which they can get clients interested in them enough to make them the agent in charge of selling their home. To peak the interest of many potential clients, social media can be the deciding factor. If you like, use your text message or email to direct them to your social media accounts on Facebook or Twitter. Once there, they can view various informational videos and other resources you have posted, all of which will position you as an expert on selling homes quickly and at a good price for your clients.