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Sell My Inherited House Fast

Posted Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Last year we inherited a house from a family member who passed away. The house came as a surprise to us as we had no idea we would be put in the will. The major problem was the house was not in our home city and it needed lots of work. Because the house was in a different city from us we knew it was not going to be an easy process to sell it.

After talking with a local real estate agent it was suggested we put approximately $5000 into the house to fix it up. Putting the money into the house would get the house in similar market condition to other houses selling in the neighborhood.

Then the realtor suggested we hire a maintenance person who would take care of the house (landscaping, check for water leaks, etcetera) while the house was listed for sale.

It was after our second meeting with the real estate agent we started searching for a better way to sell the house. For starters we didn’t have $5000 to fix up an empty old house. The real estate agent also could not tell us how long it would take to sell the house.

So we started searching for other ways to sell the house, and where else to start but the internet. It turns out there are investors in almost all major cities in the country that buy houses, we had no clue. They buy houses from people who need to sell their house fast and have situations similar to ours.

The investor said he also helped people in foreclosure, divorce and things like that. As you can imagine we were a skeptical. The real estate investor gave us a few previous client references, people who he had purchased houses from. We check the references and they all were very appreciative of the service they received.   

Given the clear references we decided to sell the house to the local real estate investor. It turned out the process went just as he said. He handled all the paperwork and even scheduled the closing to take place at a local title office in our home town. The entire process took about 2-weeks (which is much faster than we though it was going to take) and we received the equity funds delivered directly into our checking account.

I wanted to share this information because we had no clue people like this existed. I have since given the same investor two references of people needing to sell their house. If you are looking to sell your house and need to sell it fast I would recommend talking with a local real estate investor. Just make sure to get a few references from previous clients. The company we went through was ExpertHomeOffers.com There are others out there but this was the one that worked for us and they are great to work with.

I hope this information helps those people who need to sell their house fast, like we did!