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How to Sell your House in a Divorce

Posted Monday, September 16, 2013

Selling your house while going through a divorce can be a very stressful situation. It’s hard to decide whether to give up your home, but many things need to be considered pertaining to the family home. Who should keep the home if either of you? Can either of you even really afford to keep the house and buy out the other party? Often times the only solution to the home dilemma when going through a divorce, is to sell the home and move to new residences so you can both have a fresh start.

Put your house on the market ahead of time, before you buy another one. Keep in mind, the deadlines of closing and moving dates and make sure that all agreements are signed and dated to avoid any delays at closing or a delay in finalizing your divorce.

It is also important to ensure that your home looks good not only on the inside but also on the outside. The outside of your home is a potential buyer’s first impression. Make sure your shrubs and lawn are well maintained, as well as your sidewalks and the foundation. If your shutters on your windows or siding need to be painted,you may want to consider these minor repairs.

On the inside, it is important that everything is clean, neat and in order. Everyone loves to see a home that is clean, organized and in good repair. Professionally clean your carpets, keeping the bathroom and kitchen areas clean and neat helps a great deal when potential buyers come to see your home.

Most importantly, hiring a real estate professional can help to speed up the process of selling your home. A professional can also give you sound advice on how to make your home more appealing and also help you set a price that is fair after evaluating the values of similar homes in the area that are on the market or that have recently sold.

If you need to quickly get out of the mortgage and yet want to avoid short sale or foreclosure, you may want to consider working with a Sell My House Fast company to help you sell your home. Sell My House Fast companies specialize in working quickly to purchase your home and can often close on a deal to purchase in 30 days or less. This relieves a huge amount of stress of what you are already dealing with in your divorce.