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Selling A House During Divorce 

Posted Friday, December 15, 2017

When couples divorce, there are many details that need to betaken care of during the proceedings. Whether it's alimony or other issues, theprocess can be stressful. For many couples, one of the most stressful eventsinvolves selling their house. While deciding to sell can be a very emotionaldecision, there are many tips that proved helpful when it came time to sell myhouse.

In most cases, couples sell their home during a divorce for two main reasons.The first is if neither person wants to stay in the home, which is often thecase for couples who want to leave the past behind and start over. Along withthis, many couples sell the house because neither can afford to buy out theother, choosing instead to put the house on the market and get the bestpossible price. 

Once I decided to sell my house, I realized there are several reasons why itwas the best option under the circumstances. For starters, getting a large sumof money made it much easier to find a new place to live, and possibly even putsome money back to build some savings. Along with this, it alleviates thepressure of having to spend money on improvements, such as a new roof orheating system. And finally, it allows the mortgage to be paid off, relievingboth people of a large financial burden.

To sell a house during a divorce, pick an agent who has experience working withcouples who are divorcing. Along with this, settle on an asking price early on,making sure it will be enough to pay off any debts you'll owe related to theproperty. And never try to sell it yourself, since you've already got plenty todeal with in other areas.

To sell your house as fast as possible and at your asking price, make a limitedamount of improvements, such as a new coat of paint. And be sure to clean thehouse as well, which will always please potential buyers. And perhaps mostimportantly, both of you should present a united front to buyers. After all,buyers who think they're walking into a messy divorce proceeding will probablyrun the other way and look elsewhere for a similar property at a fair price.