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Sell My Charleston House – Sell House No Equity

Posted Thursday, November 29, 2007

You’ve seen the ads by auto dealers urging you to bring your car into the dealership no matter how much you owe on it. The dealership claims they will pay your car off and put you in a brand new car. The ads appeal to everyone who is over leveraged on their current vehicle. They especially target buyers who trade frequently, and make impulsive choices they later regret. 

When you are upside down or have no equity in an automobile, your allowable trade in value is less than what your car is worth.

Can a home owner be upside down or have no equity in their home? Of course they can. Many people own houses that have no equity and are upside down in their house.

Most homeowners don’t realize that they are upside down or have no equity in their house until the time comes to sell their house. They get the market value of their house by asking the neighbors what they sold their house for, or having a real estate agent give them a comparable market analysis.


The real estate market has changed and that has affected home sales across the nation. The slow down in real estate has made home prices decrease, thus evaporating home owners equity. The slow down in the real estate market is ever so evident in places across the nation like South Carolina. There are over 10,000 houses for sale in Charleston County, Berkeley County and Dorchester County.


Last month only 6 percent of the properties for sale in the Charleston area sold. At that rate it would take over 16 months to sell the inventory in the Charleston area.  With the Holidays around the corner you can be sure the real estate market will slow even further. ExpertHomeOffers has local investors so you can sell your Charleston house.


There are many reasons whey people end up owing more for their home that what it is worth. Some home owners purchased their house at the top of the market and paid full price. With out question they were betting on home prices continuing to soar 10 to 20 percent a year.


Others are victims of purchasing more than they can afford. They purchased more house than they can afford using an adjustable rate mortgage or ARM. Now with their interest rates adjusting they can no longer afford their monthly mortgage payment.  


Home owners who bought in the past 12 months should realize they have no equity. When you consider all the cost to sell a home, closing cost, real estate commissions, appraisals and other fees, many people are upside down in their house.


In the past 5 days we have talked with over 47 Charleston area homeowners who really, really need to sell their house. Folks like:


Cathy: Mother terminally ill in another state. House less than 1 yr. old. House was listed for 4 months; did not sell because she had to ask more for her house than it was worth.


Joesph: Military transfer – house listed for 6 months did not sell. Could not afford two house payments on military pay. Leaving in two weeks. House 2 years old (Upside down)


Diane: Caught husband with secretary; filed for divorce. House less than 18 months old.


Notice that these are just a few examples of people who need to sell their house fast and move on with their life. Their home is keeping them up at night and holding them back from achieving the things they want in life.


All of these people are in situations where their home payoff exceeds the value of their home. The home payoff includes fees such as real estate commissions, closing costs, appraiser fees, title insurance, etc.


These people wanted to sell their house fast so they could move on with their life…..and they did!


ExpertHomeOffers is the answer for these home owners and others in similar situations. Experthomeoffer does not want to list your home. We are professional investors that buy houses fast.


If you are interested in selling your home in the quickest most convenient manner, ExpertHomeOffers could be the answer to your prayers. Moving, Separation, Divorce, Adjustable rate mortgage, tired of being a landlord, stopping foreclosure, or just problems selling, contact them for a free, confidential, no-obligation offer.