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How To Sell My House Fast In Boise Idaho

Posted Saturday, September 1, 2007

Selling your home in Boise Idaho these days is not an easy and quick process. Boise is the capital city of Idaho and is located in Ada County along with Eagle, Star, Meridian and Kuna.

In July 2007 there were 5,198 houses for sale in Ada County and only 12.4%, 648 of them sold. That means the rest of the over 4,500 home sellers are still waiting for a buyer to submit an offer.

There are many reasons why there are so many houses on the market and so few are selling. Boise and the surrounding cities have experienced substantial boom over the last 2 years and this caused home builders to over supply the real estate market with new houses.

Lenders have tightened their requirements for potential home owners to qualify for a loan. This limits the amount of people who can actually get funding to purchase a house.

Recent layoffs at Micron have increased the amount of houses on the market. People who lost their job can no longer afford the home they were living in so they need to sell their home fast.

The truth, the cost of your home sitting on the market and not selling fast may frighten you. Mortgage payments, utility bills such as gas, water, trash, sewer, electric, home owners dues, lawn and home maintenance, these cost all add up fast to a lot of money.

Many home owner who are trying to sell their house need to sell it fast. They do not have the time or are not in the financial position to let their house sit on the market, waiting for an offer. If you are in any of the following situations I would suggest selling your house fast to a professional, local home buyer. Going through a divorce, need to stop foreclosure fast, inherited a property, your house needs fixed up, you are being transferred by your job, you do not have enough equity to pay Realtor commissions, your mortgage is going to adjust and you will not be able to afford the payment, you recently lost your job.

Real estate is a very complex subject. For that reason real estate professionals such as Realtors, brokers, professional home buyers and real estate consultants exist.

With the recent slow down in the Boise real estate market many home owners who wish to sell their home turn to real estate professionals for help. The trick is to choose the right type of real estate professional for your particular home selling need. There is a large difference in the services provided by a realtor and a real estate investor who purchase houses.

Choosing the right real estate professional for your home selling need can be the difference of losing your home to foreclosure, bankruptcy, or selling your home fast.

There is a time to use a realtor and a time to use a local home buyer. It is important that you choose the right real estate professional for your home selling situation.

If you truly are in a selling situation where you need to sell your house fast then contact your local home buyer you just may be surprised by the offer you get.

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