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How Long Does It Take To Sell My House in Boise Id

Posted Saturday, September 1, 2007

Boise is located in Ada County Idaho and includes other cities such as Eagle, Meridian, Star and Kuna. The average home price in July 2006 in Ada County was $279,391. The average home price in July 2007 has increased only 0.5% to $280,819.

Even though the average home price has only increased 0.5%, the number of days a home is on the market before it has an accepted offer has increased by 200% over the last year. The average number of days to sell your home in Ada County, including Boise Idaho is 51 days. Then after the 51 day period you typically have another 30 days before your buyer closes on your home. This adds up to an average home selling time of 81 days or approximately 3 months.

Be aware that the 81 day average selling time is an average and to get your house sold in that amount of time your house better be in tip top shape and priced right. Home buyers are not reluctant to ask for closing costs, extended closing times, price reductions and other items that are an expense to the seller.

There are currently over 5,000 homes available on the market in Ada County. Last month approximately 650 homes sold. If we assume 650 houses sell each month, and no other houses are added to the market, there is a 7.5 month supply of houses on the market. Compare this to the 4.5 month inventory last year at this time, and you can be sure that the sellers market is over.

Many home owners in the Boise and surrounding area do not have 81 days to sell their house. After all, life changes every day. Divorce, foreclosure, bankruptcy, work changes, health issues, family changes, these are all life changes that can happen to anyone.

If your life has recently changed and you need to sell your house fast, I recommend contacting your local professional home buyer. You can sell your house fast; choose the date you would like to close, and move on with your life. After all you have nothing to loose and you just may be surprised by the free offer you get.

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