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No Home Buyers – What is My Property Worth

Posted Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It is happening again. Every three to five years the real estate market goes through another cycle and pessimism creeps into many. When the market is going down is it mostly caused by demand for new houses falling. The continuation in falling housing prices changes the psychology of home buyers so they stop buying. This process further decreases home prices and the real estate market.

Recent surveys by many consumer groups are reporting that consumer confidence is decreasing, foreclosures are rising and homes fore sale are sitting on the market longer. This all plays into the psychology of home buyers. People do not want to purchase a home if the value is going to continue to decline.

So, what does this mean for the average home seller? Well if you do not have to sell you are in good shoes. You can wait for another two to five years for the market to bottom, then wait for another three to five years for the market to come back up, then sell. So if you can hold out for seven or so years in your current home, you are in ok shape.

The major problem is life happens and for what ever reason people need to sell their house. Could be divorce, lingering foreclosure, job relocation, family issues, ready to cash out of an investment, health issues, the list goes on.

For those home owners who need to sell, you are in a harder home selling situation. You can not afford to wait for seven or so years for the real estate market to come back around. The good news is there are still ways in this slow real estate market for you to sell your house and move on with your life.

It doesn’t matter if your home is over financed or you have lots of equity. There are still home selling solutions that can solve your particular selling need. The first question you are probably asking is how can I sell my house if I have no equity. Well for this reason professional real estate investors exist in every major city in the nation.

Professional real estate investors exist throughout the country to solve complicated real estate problems. Yes they do have to make a profit to keep their business running but that does not mean they are going to steel your house. Many professional long term real estate investor just want to add to their real estate portfolio and hold properties for long term.

As a home seller in this real estate market I know you have other questions like how do I find out how much my house is worth, or how much is my property worth?

Well, probably the largest benefit from contacting your local real estate investors or home buyer is to find out how much your house is worth with no obligation to sell your house. In fact you can input your information over the internet and receive a home value and offer in less than 48 hours.

So the first step in find a solution to your home selling need should be to contact your local home buyer who is an active buyer in your neighborhood to determine your best selling solution. They will give you a free, confidential, no obligation offer for your house and you will know how to move forward.