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How Can I Sell My House For Free

Posted Tuesday, April 29, 2008

When needing to sell a home many people want to know the least expensive way to sell their house and if they can possibly sell it at no cost. Well the answer is yes, but there is only one way.

When selling a home there are typically three ways to sell, FSBO, with a real estate agent or to a professional home buyer.

If you sell your house FSBO you will have out of pocket expenses. You will have to come up with money to get your home in good condition, money to marketing your home which includes, signs, flyers, placements in magazines, placement in news papers and so forth.

If you sell your house with a real estate agent you will obviously have to pay for their services, after all who can work for free. The typical real estate commission charged to home sellers is 6 percent. Depending on your homes current condition your real estate agent may want you to spend some money up front to fix up your house. 

The one way to sell your house for free is to sell it to your local home buyer. Local home buyers are professional real estate investors who are always looking for ways to increase their real estate portfolio. They can buy your house quickly and with cash if needed.

The great thing about selling your house to a professional home buyer is that you have no out of pocket expenses. You do not have to fix your property up or market your property. Another large benefit is that you can have your house sold in a matter of days, not months like you would have if selling your home another way.

So if you are need to sell your house quickly in this slow real estate market and do not have the money to market it yourself, get a free offer from your local home buyer. They have home selling options for people in all home selling situations. They can help you stop foreclosure, sell your house quickly because of divorce, pay cash for a house that needs work, or buy a home because you are moving out of the area.

You can get in touch with someone who wants to buy your house by completing an online home seller form. You should receive an offer with in 48 hours and have no obligation to accept it. So, even if your home is over financed and you can no longer afford the payments you should contact your local home investor, you have nothing to loose.