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Action Plan for Selling a Home

Posted Monday, March 16, 2015

Once the decision is made to pull up stakes and seek a new piece of the American dream, there is much work to be done to sell my house fast.

Research the Market

Every community's real estate market is different so seek out local professionals who can advise you on your home's likely selling price.
There's a saying in real estate that you don't want to buy the biggest house on the block or the smallest house. Keep this in mind if your house is out of the ordinary in your neighborhood. Talk to local real estate professionals about realistic pricing and do your own research. Setting the price too high in the beginning can lead to a longer time to sell. It can also lead to low-ball offers after the price is cut several times.

Inspect and Repair

Normal wear and tear can take its toll on your own little castle. An experienced home inspector can tell you what repairs are needed. Few buyers are looking for a handy-man special and most will get their own inspection during the purchasing process. Don't get blindsided by this report.
Also take the time to consider the cosmetics of your home. A fresh coat of paint or brightly flowers along the front walk are easy updates that make a great first impression. This is not, however, the time to tackle major home renovations. Few such projects will recoup the cost when you sell.

Get the Junk Out

Sure, you love that collection of 250 shot glasses you started in college; but the collection has filled up a wall with shelves and spilled over into other rooms. While that is something that makes the house your home, you want to help people see their own treasures displayed throughout the house, not overwhelm them with your memories.
If your closets are overflowing, it can be hard for anyone to believe the house offers ample storage space. Preparing your home to sell offers a great opportunity to get a jump start on the packing and moving process. Keep what you need for every day living, but box up and pack the knickknacks, family photos, unused linens and off-season clothes away.

Forecasts show the inventory of homes on the market will increase in the coming months, leading to more competition for home buyers. Take the time to research local market conditions and apply some elbow grease to get ready to sell my house fast.