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Celebrity Foreclosures

Posted Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Evander Holyfield has recently joined the club of recent celebrities that are facing foreclosure or who have faced foreclosure in the past. His over $10 million dollar home is set to be auctioned off in Fayette County Georgia By Washington Mutual Bank on July 1st.

Mr. Holyfield is not alone in the celebrity club to see their home go to the auction block. Here is a list of other celebs who have received the nasty notice in the mail from their lenders.

Jose Canseco
Ed McMahon
Aretha Franklin
Latrell Sprewell
Mickael Jackson – NeverLand
Whitney Houston

It is always amazing to see people who have very large incomes face financial difficulty like many others in the nation. You would think with such a large bank account that these people would never face a financial problem in their life.
It just goes to show money management is more important than the number of zeros on the monthly checks you receive.