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Foreclosure Real Estate Help, FHA Refinance

Posted Monday, September 17, 2007

Hybrid mortgages such as interest only loans, adjustable rate mortgages (ARM’s), and other non-conventional mortgages are causing many people to go into foreclosure. Hybrid mortgages were given to people from all walks of life. Hybrid mortgages were mostly used to allow people to purchase more expensive houses and have a smaller monthly payment.

One of the main causes for the recent increase in the foreclosure rate is monthly payment increases. Many hybrid mortgages came with teaser rates. Teaser rates are interest rates given at the beginning of a mortgage for a short period of time. Other mortgages such as ARM’s are also affecting the foreclosure rate with their adjustments. Many ARM interest rates are changing and people can not afford the new higher monthly mortgage payment.

President George W. Bush recently proposed policies designed to help slow the foreclosure rate in America. The proposal will allow people who could not qualify for FHA refinancing, to meet the FHA qualifying standards.

You can be sure that this is not the last legislation we will see that is designed to stop the foreclosure rate from increasing. Real estate is very much a part of our national economy. Excess foreclosures affect our national economy in a negative way. House prices decrease and that causes people to stay where they are and not purchase more or larger houses. It also affects the number of second homes being purchased. If people thing their property value is going to go down after they purchase, they will wait until they think the market is at its lowest point before buying. 

The new proposed legislation is expected to help the real estate market and most importantly people who are falling into foreclosure and loosing their homes. The problem is the proposed legislation will not help everyone loosing their house to foreclosure. If you are in a situation where you need to sell your house fast to stop foreclosure then contact your local FHA office. If you do not qualify for their current refinance standards then contact your local home buyer.

It is important you know each state foreclosure laws are different. If you are getting foreclosure information from websites or magazines, you need to know that the information you are reading is relevant to the state you live in. It is much safer to contact your local home buyer and find out your options.

home buyers purchase many houses before they are lost to the bank and the foreclosure process. Selling your house fast will stop the foreclosure process and save your credit. Local home buyers will also let you know your options when it comes to foreclosure. It is important to know your states foreclosure law, because each state is different.

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