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Housing starts, building permits rise in November

Posted Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Housing starts, building permits rise in November 2010

For the past several years, people have been loosing their homes due to job loss, budget cuts, and restructuring, done by companies who have had to downsize; sometimes, through no fault of their own. It's no secret that the recession has played havoc on the housing market in the last two, to two and a half years. Because there is less money to spend on housing and less to invest, the new housing had all but frozen, and the existing housing market buying, had stabilized.

Of course, it will take a lot of hard work for this kind of recovery to be successful. Meanwhile, there are still people who need to display sell my house signs in the local newspaper, on the internet, or by word of mouth in order to try and dig their way out the hole they find themselves in, and try and recoup some of the loss.

On the other hand, new Home Buyers are feeling a resurgence. Due to more and more homes being in foreclosure, the buyers market is wide open. This is a good time to buy in California, as the market is coming back strong. Also, in Texas, Florida, and Michigan. These states have an abundance of houses for a very low price. The we buy houses, signs are flooding the market just as much as the signs from people that say sell my house fast; all the more reason to see what's out there. The reason of course, is the economy. When the economy takes a turn for the worse, it trickles down into the wallets of the working class. By the same token, it helps those who otherwise could not have afforded it.

Though the market has stabilized, people still believe in the sell my house fast, motto. They feel that they have to get what they can out of the property that they have invested so much in; even though, it will never cover their actual losses. It becomes a something is better than nothing, statement.

Ironically, the good news is that because it is now a buyer's market, more first-time home buyers can find the funds to buy their own home. Something that was not possible for them about two years ago. In this short span of time, the words foreclosure, and we buy houses, have both become the mantra for the housing market.

When the housing market bounces back, there will be less foreclosures, and the stability of the housing market will bring back the confidence once enjoyed in the past.

Hopefully, in the future, home buyers won't feel the crunch so much as to have to display the ultimate sign for all to see, the sell my house sign. Instead, the negative that has permeated society in recent years, will be turned into a positive of new, satisfied, long-term home owners.