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Home Prices Falling, Some Markets See Improvement

Posted Sunday, May 13, 2012

As our economy is still in a crisis or in a recession state many are still experiencing tough times, many people have lost their jobs as well as their houses and some have lost their homes as they have gone into foreclosure. This is sad to hear but it is true, I think the economy is still getting worse at this time. If you monitor and have been reading the news you will know how our economy is doing right now. This does differ from state to state and from city to city.

I understand that there is always ups and down in life. We also know it could take a while before our economy will get stronger again. Sometimes it so depressing to know and see how our economy is doing, but we have to accept it and live with it. As we all know the home prices continue to fall since many people have lost their home because of job loss and unable to pay their mortgage.

But the good thing or the brighter side of this is that it is a buyer’s market, if you have the money to invest it is your time to buy a home for you or your family. Or you could buy the home as an investment, just to sell it when the economy will get better. Also for the people that have not owned a house before and if they have a job right now this is their time to buy a house. New or used homes can be purchased as cheap as renting and the money goes into the ownership of a home as an investment.

If I sell my house at this time it would not be a very good idea, in most cases you will not get what you want and you may even loss money on it. I would rather wait until the economy gets better. Looking on some reports about the housing market they say that we are starting to show some improvement in our economy. But the economy is far from what it used to be.

Also they are saying that the home prices are starting to bottom out and if they have not hit the low bottom prices yet in your area I would expect it to by the end of the year 2012. I will not sell my house if at all possible this year. My goal is to wait until the economy and the housing market gets stronger and make a little money.