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$15,000 Free Cash For Home Buyers in Stimulus Bill

Posted Tuesday, February 10, 2009

If you have been holding your breath until you see real action by the government to halt the real estate crisis and turn back time, you may be able to breath once again. The current stimulus bill proposed by the Senate raises the $7,500 tax credit to $15,000. Unlike the House proposal, that all the tax credit taken would need to be repaid via a interest free loan, this time the money is not required to be paid back.

Another great thing is this time the tax credit can be spread over two years of taxes. So if you did not receive the full benefits of the $15,000 credit the first year you can have your accountant account for the rest the next year.

This is great news for home buyers waiting to see a reason to buy in this turbulent real estate market. Many home buyers in all areas across the nation have been reluctant to purchase a home when they are confident home prices will continue to drop. This could be the change the real estate market has been waiting for.

This tax credit is proposed to reduce the inventory of homes for sale on the market and try to get supply and demand back in line with one another. The government has tried other avenues to try to spur home buyers to purchase homes but none of the plans thus far have had a noticeable affect.

It should be noted the bill has few restrictions on receiving the tax credit. Some economists are skeptical because it is possible two separate home owners could sell each other homes for $1 each, and receive the $15,000 tax credit. We should all home the details for receiving the tax credit will be more stringent so people will not take advantage of our tax dollars at work.

We should also hope this is the moment real estate professionals, home owners and home buyers looking for a new home have been waiting for. Any decrease in supply will stabilize home prices. Once home prices stabilize we may once again see our homes value increase. It is a fact that when home values increase, the regular economy is more vibrant because people spend more money.

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