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Sell My House Fast Home Owner Checklist

Posted Monday, June 8, 2009

With the existing home inventory index still hovering around 10 months of supply for the nation, every home owner who needs to sell their house should be ready for buyers. In an effort to get you ready for the buyers who will be walking through your doors I suggest you do some research and follow some key tips to get your home sold.

Pricing your home right is a key factor is selling your home in a buyers market, which we are in. The days of posting a sign in your front yard and receiving multiple offers in a few days are over. Home sellers need to recognize that home buyers are shopping and comparing houses to find the best deal.

Take your time in doing some research and find the best reasonable sale price for your home. You should go walk through other houses close to yours that are similar and compare the finished to yours. Make sure to check look at the price per square foot and the overall asking price.

Another great way to get a value for your house is to ask a real estate agent or a local real estate investor in your area. These professionals are following the local real estate market on a daily basis and have great insight to how much a house is worth in todays market. You know you priced your home right if you would consider looking at the home based just on the price, quantity of bedrooms, and square footage, when comparing to other homes in your neighborhood.

Your home should be in excellent condition to sell in this buyer market. If you truly want to sell your home time the time to fix all the miscellaneous repairs that you know need to be fixed. Take a tour through your attic and crawl space to double check for moisture damage and fallen insulation. Take color photos of your crawl space and attic to you can show potential home buyers the great quality of home they are getting. This goes above and beyond what other home owners are doing.

If you can not afford to fix up your home for sale then you will have to price your house accordingly. In todays real estate marketing home buyers have many choices of homes, even brand new ones that home builders are selling at a discount. It is possible to sell your home as a fixer upper but you will not net as much money at the closing table.

Marketing your home for sale is one of the key pieces in selling your home. After all you could have all the other things perfect and if no one new your home was for sale then it would never sell. Make sure to put a sign on the property and on close streets to the property. Make sure to list your property on classified websites like Craiglist, and Backpage. Make sure to put your home in for sale by owner magazines or newspapers where home buyers will be looking.

Many of the homes that are selling right now are to first time home buyers. In fact over 53 percent of the homes sold in May were sold to first time home buyers. The federal government is giving an $8,000 tax credit to first time home buyers or people who have not owned a home in that last 3 years. This is having a great affect on the homes that are selling. If your home is in the first time home buyer range you have a much better chance of selling your house.

If you are thinking how can I sell my house fast then contact your local home buyer in your area. They will give you a quick fair offer and you have no obligation to accept.