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Selling Home in Los Angeles

Posted Monday, June 21, 2010

Lancaster isone of the up and coming areas of Los Angeles that is selling homes left and right. In the43535 zip code, over 140 homes were sold for a price 36.9% above what homes wouldhave been sold in 2009. Lancaster is a quiettown, but is located near major highways in southern California. Single-family homes were soldfor average prices between $120,000 and $180,000 in Lancaster in April of 2010.

Hawthorne is another area enjoying increasingsuccess in selling homes in L.A.Some areas of Hawthornesold homes at a rate 20% above what homes were sold for last year during thistime. The numbers in Hawthorneare solid as well, with about 30 homes total being sold. Single-family homeswere sold for an average of $377,000 last month in Hawthorne.

Long Beach is starting to rise in the L.A. real estate market again as well. In the 90803 zip code, Long Beach real estate was sold for 25% above what it soldfor in April of 2009. Homes were sold for an average of $900,000. Even luxury real estate is starting to do very well in the L.A. real estate market.

Palmdale did exceedingly well last month as far as real estate is concerned. Inzip code 93550, about 138 homes were sold in April of 2010. These single-familyhomes were sold for market prices which were 24% above prices from 2009. Homessold for an average of $150,000 in Palmdale, making it a great community forfamilies seeking affordable living.

Luxury real estate in Pasadenais doing exceedingly well. Million dollar homes were sold in Pasadena last month for an 85.95% increase inpricing than they were sold for last year. That is an incredible change fromthe markets in April of 2009. Homes were sold for prices between $1,200,000 to $1,500,000in Pasadena. Ifyou own luxury real estate and are considering selling, then be assured thatwith the right marketing your home can easily be sold.

Overall, the real estate market is displaying a nice upward trend in L.A. With a greatrealtor, selling your home can be an achievable task.