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Houses: Selling And Buying Together

Posted Monday, January 3, 2011

There are many people who wish to expedite the process of both buying a new home and selling their old one. Most people believe it's only a good idea to buy a new one after the old is sold. However, the greatest speed and efficiency in this endeavor can be achieved by performing both actions at the same time. The important ideas to keep in mind for quick sale, negotiation of penalty fees, proper organizational skills, and pre-approval.

How Do I Sell My House Fast ?

The question of "How do I sell my house quickly?" is best answered by beginning with structure and organization. There is a lot of information involved with selling and buying a house. A large portion of this information will be both contact information and important dates. Top-tier real estate experts suggest that a home seller or buyer will be best served by keeping a journal of these important dates. The purchase of a one dollar wire bound notebook can save a lot of aggravation and help speed the process along greatly.

Another aspect to keep in mind while using this journal is positive thinking. Always tell yourself, "I can sell my house fast !"

This journal will be used to catalog daily notes and conversations between the buyer, the seller, and any real estate attorneys or agents involved. This logbook will be vital to you as a means of remembering exactly what has occurred. The other involved parties will not be able to lie about an agreement since you will have proof written in your own hand that they agreed to different terms. This allows the individual to maintain their bargaining strength.

Another important aspect for those of a mindset to ' sell my house ' as quickly as possible will be the pre-approval process. Pre-approval for a home loan is basically only proved if a bank or lender underwrites a loan for a certain amount. This means the individual already has a guarantee of funds for the purchase. Ideally an individual should have the capacity to have the funds available within 5 to 10 days of closing. Anyone who cannot be pre-approved may prove to be problematic and drag the sale portion out longer than it might have been otherwise. It is also vital for you to become pre-approved yourself for your future purchase as that will greatly increase the turnover.

One of the best methods to speed up the house buying process will be a home inspection. Unless a company or private investor announces, " We buy houses sight unseen!" the most likely scenario will be that a potential buyer will want to inspect the premises. As human beings it is only natural that when we buy houses we want to make certain they can be insured. A recent home inspection by a county inspector will assuage fears and greatly reduce time for the sale portion of the endeavor.