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Tips to Buying Your Home

Posted Tuesday, October 2, 2007

There are many steps in the process of purchasing a home and the first step is not to let them overwhelm you. Make sure you have a well qualified Realtor assisting you and once you do, work off lists. There are just too many tasks to keep straight without your Realtor taking care of most of them. For the ones that remain, your Realtor can help you make a list and work through them.

1. Get pre-qualified for you loan and determine your credit rating. You Realtor can help you get this completed quickly and painlessly. The reason this is first is you want to know two things. How much you qualify for and what your payment will be. You may qualify for a higher payment than you want to have, but your lender and Realtor can help you determine the price range for you.

2. Find the area you want to live in. The very best advice you can get is to just go drive through an area you are considering at key times during the week and weekend to determine how the neighborhood is kept up and traffic patterns. It is easy to tell those areas that are a little run-down from the areas where the home-owners keep their homes up.

3. Once you know the area, find the house. You Realtor should be able to provide you with lists of homes available in the areas you are considering that are customized to your needs. This will make the search much easier. Based on the list of homes available you and your Realtor can pick out the ones you should see. Finding your new home can be a pretty quick process if done properly.

4. Once you find the right home for you take another drive though the neighborhood. Look at how the neighbors keep their homes up and the amenities in the area. If everything still seems right, work with your Realtor on getting an offer in. Once you have made sure it is right, don't wait on the offer. Waiting even a day could cost you the home.

5. Don't forget the inspection. This is done after you have an agreement in place, but is a very important step. Your Realtor should be able to assist you in finding a well qualified inspector to check over the home. It is always a good idea for an inspection as they are a neutral third party and can give you an unbiased opinion on the condition of the home.

There are many more steps in the process, but this is an overview of some of the more essential steps. Your Realtor will be there making sure everything is taken care of and your interests are at the forefront. To find out more, feel free to visit me online. There are many more free informative articles you can have access to.

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