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Renovations That Make A Home Sell Fast

Posted Saturday, July 23, 2011

When you are thinking of renovating your home, the first thing that comes to mind is increasing the value of the home. While renovating your home will increase the value, it is not the most important thing. The most important thing is the appeal that the home will have to prospective buyers. You could spend a fortune on custom made flooring that will perfectly match your decor, but if it is too specific in color and design it may not appeal to someone who does not share your taste in design.

It is very important when renovating to to sell your home that you keep in mind the functionality of the home design for the prospective buyer and stick with neutral colors and designs. Most people do not want to buy a home that they will have renovate themselves immediately after closing escrow. When you tell yourself "It is time to sell my house" Here are some ideas to consider when preparing to renovate your house:

The kitchen is where people spend most of their time in a home. Let's start at the ceiling and work our way down to the floor. Updating the lighting fixture can make a bold statement and still be of very low cost; choose an elegant, yet neutral design for the lighting fixture. Choose a paint color for the walls that is warm and inviting, but still neutral enough to go with any design style. Check the condition of your cabinets; if they are solid wood and in good condition they can be painted or stripped and varnished. You may want to change all the handles on the cabinets as well. The paint or varnish should not be exactly the same as the wall paint, but should compliment it. As for the counter tops, check their condition to see if they stay or go. If you do need to change the counter tops, choose a granite or tile in a neutral, easy to clean color. Observe the condition of the appliances; you may need to update them or just give them some elbow grease. If the sink is in good condition, you may want to only change the faucet and fixtures to update the look. Leave window treatments minimal, the buyer can add curtains or a valance to match their own decor. If you do not already have tile in your kitchen or if your tile is chipped or broken, you will need to have tile put in; be sure to choose a neutral color that compliments the wall color without being the exact same shade. If your tile is in good condition, but not a neutral color, you will need to change it.

When you renovate the rest of the house, follow the same guidelines as for the kitchen; carpet can work well in the bedrooms. The living room walls can have a little more detail than the rest of the house while still being neutral; you can paint the top half of the wall and have wains coating on the bottom half, and be sure to add moldings.

When you renovate following these guidelines you should have prospective buyers lines up; you won't be one of those people who ask "Why can't I 
sell my house?" You will sell it so fast, your head will spin.