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Alternative Ways of Selling a House

Posted Tuesday, October 4, 2011

If you are in the market of selling your house, most individuals point you in the direction of a real estate agent. These individuals are able to list your house on a wide network, and give potential buyers more access to the home. Of course, if your house is sold you must pay a percentage to the real estate agent for doing most of the leg work. If you want to cut the real estate agent out of the picture and reap all the benefits of selling the house there are other alternatives. This includes selling your house privately, to home buyer specialists and via an auction. Depending on many factors it is possible to receive more money through these actions (although to sell my house this way, you may also loose some money through one of these transactions).

Sell Your House Privately

This is just like selling the house through a real estate agent, but you do all the leg work. If you have the time to perform all the extra work it may be worth doing. However, you can't just let the house sit there with a for sale sing in the yard, as only the people who drive by the house are going to see this. You need to have the house listed on home buying websites, in the newspaper and any other option available to you. It is vital to have more eyes see your home, as this brings in more potential buyers. On top of this, you also need a professional to stop by and give you a price estimate on how much the home is worth. M

Home Buyer Specialist

These individuals or companies are willing to pay cash up front for the house. You do not sell the house for how much it is worth, but if you really don't care all that much and either just need the money or need to move fast, this is a valuable option. After the individual reviews the house they give you an offer, if you take it the person gives you cash on the spot.

Sell House at Auction

If you live in a high demand neighborhood where people gobble up the hoses, it may be best to sell my house via an auction. This way, the people interested in the house bid on the property, which in turn may result in the house selling for more than its worth. Of course, if the house is not in demand, it is possible to lose money.