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Green Flooring Options

Posted Monday, March 12, 2012

When making an upgrade or improvement to your home one area of concern may be the floor. You can choose to use many type of flooring that are green or kind to the environment. There are many types of flooring options that you have available for this purpose. Research all of your options before you make any type of decision for a green flooring solution.

One type of green flooring option for your home is hardwood. This is a popular type of flooring you are able to install yourself or by hiring a contractor. However, manufacturers of hardwood flooring may not use a supplier that takes an environmental approach to harvesting the wood from trees. Assurance that a hardwood flooring choice has been harvested environmentally can be done by looking for a stamp from the Forest Stewardship Council.

Another type of green flooring option is wool carpet. This product is durable and a natural fire retardant that absorbs and releases moisture. Wool is a material that is recyclable, stain resistant and is renewable year after year. If flooring is not an option, you can choose linoleum. A linoleum floor is not made from any type of petroleum product. The flooring is made of materials that include pine rosins, linseed oil or wood flour and limestone.

If you are interested in a solid floor but do not want to use hardwood, an alternative flooring option that you can use in Bamboo. Bamboo is grown abroad and in areas of the United States which is included in the true grass family of perennial evergreens. When Bamboo cures it becomes hard and resilient to high traffic areas in your home. Many individuals with allergies choose Bamboo as a sell my house flooring option.

When a comfortable and soft option for green flooring is required, you can use cork. This product has a natural cellular structure that traps air that provides a cushion that reduces vibrations and noise. Cork is not only repellant to mold and insects, it is also fire resistant. The bark from a Cork Oak tree is used for making cork all types of cork products such as flooring.

When researching sell my house information you may want to make updates and improvements before placing your home up for sale. Details for green flooring options can be found by reviewing many sites online or by visiting a home improvement store. You can also obtain information from a family member or friends that have used green flooring products.