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Selling a House without a Loss in a Buyers Market

Posted Thursday, November 1, 2012

Since the collapse of the global economy in 2008 the housing market around the world has been known as a buyers market with properties selling for a fraction of the price paid a few years earlier. Failing to sell a house for its full market value often leaves the seller without the ability to meet their financial obligations.

As mortgages and home loans have become harder to come by the number of houses for sale has grown and the number of buyers shrunk to extremely low levels; problems with the property market have made it important for a seller to do everything in their power to sell their property. To make sure a house sells for its full value, or as close to it as possible the seller needs to drum up as much interest in their property as possible.

Using available technology to its fullest means taking advantage of internet technology and advertizing your property on websites not usually linked to selling houses. Posting a video on a video sharing website, such as You Tube can be a good way of advertizing your property for free. Video the entire house that is for sale and post it with a brief description and contact information; do not leave out any areas of the house as this can give the impression their is a problem with the areas of house not included in the video. Also provide a short video featuring the good points of your local area to give potential buyers a feel for the neighborhood.

Including your neighbors in the process of selling your property can also put you at an advantage; telling local residents you want to sell my house fast can prompt them pass information around to friends and family. When holding an open house it can help to invite neighbors to the open house to give it a party feel that encourages potential buyers to think the neighborhood is a close community. Having close friends in a neighborhood is one of the reasons we buy houses in specific areas.

Once the decision has been made it is not always the best idea to decide to sell my house fast without considering the problems within a property. The reasons we buy houses is because we fall in love with them and wish to spend a large part of our lives living in them. Each house placed on the market should be in the best condition possible; fix any broken or scratched areas in the house and ensure the exterior of the property is inviting to potential buyers by keeping the exterior areas clean and tidy.