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Sell a House for Retirement Fund

Posted Sunday, November 4, 2012

One of your biggest assets in retirement planning is your present home. You may need to sell your home to realize a comfortable retirement income. Most home owners do. You should then be asking: What is the best way to sell your house in this challenging market? There are many options today, we will discuss three outstanding ones here.

First, make certain your house has curb appeal and is in good condition. An established real estate agent, will be able to assist you in getting the house ready for sale. Ask your friends and co-workers to recommend someone with proven results, then make that important call, stating exactly what you need. This will be prices for homes recently sold in the neighborhood, the cost to value your house, how to improve your house to maximize the sale price, and estimates on how long it would take to sell the house. Most importantly, settle on a realistic price for a fast sale, in keeping with the home values in your area.

Make certain that you are comfortable and satisfied with the agent. If you choose someone from an advertisement, references are a big help in making your choice. Do not be afraid to ask for names of past clients who you can call to check the real estate company and person out. Once you are satisfied with the agent, then sign a contract with all the details stipulated. These will be what is being sold with the home, the timeline for the sale of your house, including the fact that you desire to a quick sale. in addition to financial aspects regarding percentages for the agent, and other costs involved in closing a deal.

Another outstanding method is independent home selling. There are several companies that will assist you in selling your house fast through this process, you should make certain they understand your wishes by stating clearly it is important to "sell my house fast." Again, checking references and making a choice based on interviewing clients is very important. Pictures will be taken of your home and placed on internet sites, with an explanation that you need a quick sale. A home evaluation process will be taken by the company, and you will be guided in the documentation and signing processes to close a sale. The advantage in this decision, is that a smaller percentage is paid to the realtor, but the disadvantages are, you will do the footwork in answering calls, showing your home and interviewing prospective buyers, to make certain they qualify financially to purchase your house.

Last, and perhaps the most risky way to sell your house, is to do the valuation yourself based on prices of homes sold in your area, do your own advertising, show your home to possible buyers, check their financial qualifications, and in general taking charge of the entire sale. When advertising, it would be expedient to place in your headlines: "Need to Sell my House Fast." If your retirement is looming, and the market is slow, you could try a gimmick or two, like a brand new free large screen television for the purchaser, or a free lawn mower if you have a large yard. However, bearing in mind that retirement funds are needed, this way the outstanding cost will be property transfer and title fees, also any other legal costs that may occur. This can be checked with a real estate attorney in your area, at a minimal cost.

All methods stated above have been tried successfully, the choice is yours. You are looking for retirement income so the decision should be given careful thought, based on the ideas outlined above. In making your choice, emphasize to buyers what your expectations are with regard price, date of closing and contents in the house for sale.