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What is a Certificate of Occupancy?

Posted Friday, November 9, 2012

Selling a home without the certificate of occupancy can be very difficult in most states. All properties need to pass certain inspections. During the building phase, an inspector will come to the construction site to inspect the different systems that are being installed. The electric system, the plumbing and other parts of the process will need to pass inspection. After the building is completed, a final inspection will take place. If the building or home passes, it will be giving a certificate of occupancy.

When the property is inspected, if it does not pass, it is possible to correct the problems and try again. The home or building will also need to meet zoning requirements. If the building changes how it is going to be used, it may need to get a new certificate of occupancy. For example, if the building is now going to be used as a rental, it might have to meet new standards.

A builder will want to make sure that the property has passed and has this important certificate in order to put the building or home on the market. Owner, builders will need to make sure that their property passes in order to get a loan. Most mortgage companies will want that certificate to be in place before they issue the final loan.

When the inspector comes to the property, they are looking to see if everything conforms to the original plans that were submitted to the building department before the construction started. Everything needs to be up to code in order to pass. If there are problems, the inspector will point out what needs to be changed in order to pass. He will also make sure all permits were applied for and passed during the building phase. If there were not, it will need to be done in order to get the important certificate.

Once the certificate is issued, the property will be ready to move in or put on the market to sell. In some states there may be additional things that need to be done before the property is sold. Smoke detectors are often required by the fire department.

When someone calls a realtor and says, “sell my property”, the realtor will make sure everything is in place before listing the home. They are professionals and understand everything that needs to be done. Anyone who is interested in listing a home or building should make sure all inspections have been done and passed.

Look in the directory under “sell my property for a great price” to find the best way to market the home. Anyone who is concerned about a certificate of occupancy should call the building department to make sure they are covered.