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Selling Your Home Before Rehab Can Net Big Profits

Posted Saturday, January 5, 2013

If you're like most people, you are enthused by the idea of buying a beat up house, fixing it up beyond your wildest dreams, and then selling it at a super profit. Handshakes all around and large sums of money filling your pockets, right? Well, what if you were to buy that house desperately in need of rehabilitation and then sell it before you did any real work with that same profit at the end of it all? Is that even possible?

The truth is, placing that sign boasting a run down house for sale before you even slab a coat of paint on the interior is actually a really smart move. As soon as you buy that old home, put it up for sale, trim up the landscaping so you can create great curb appeal, and make your move on the curious market.

How do you sell a house that needs repairs, you ask? Simple- you bring the appeal of renovations to the potential buyer, by letting them know that they can choose the carpet, paint, restoration on their own included in their purchase price, and you will do the labor for them. This way, your guaranteed profit is already underway as you rehabilitate a home customized to the individual lucky enough to get a great deal!

You may be wondering, 'How can I sell my property without refurbishing it?' It's easy to do with simple marketing. Once you have potential buyers looking at the property, you can begin to get them excited about the home's potential. By making it their choice in renovations, you are most likely to get a buyer thrilled to sign on the dotted line as opposed to convincing someone to buy a home that you rehabilitated to your own design. People love customization, and will pay to have a home designed just for them.

Want to increase the odds of selling your old beater home? Tell potential buyers, 'I will sell my property just as it is and let you update it yourself for a discount' and watch the offers come streaming in. While many people will be thrilled to buy a home at a great price renovated to their own personality, others will want that handyman special and will take the venture off your hands for a profit you can enjoy.

The possibilities are endless when you rehabilitate a home after you sell it. Your profit is more reliable, you aren't fixing up a house with the worry you'll never sell it, and best of all, there's no out-of-pocket cost to you. Try this strategy out, and you'll sell your home in no time.