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Sell Your Home The Easy Way

Posted Saturday, January 26, 2013

We live in very busy times and there will be times when we have to take care of business in a very expedient manner. One order of business that this applies to is real estate. Many people see companies that provide this type of service as not being entirely legitimate and that they don't serve the real estate market in a productive fashion. This, I believe, is an unfair assessment.

The services companies like this provide are much needed today as there are more and more people pressed for time and money. Everything about these transactions is legal and beneficial. The biggest argument that is heard though is that it hurts the real estate industry because it doesn't operate within the normal parameters. Because of this it is thought that these transactions have a negative effect on the value and pricing of homes.

You need to remember that there are many circumstances involved in real estate that make values and prices fluctuate. Just because something else does that doesn't happen to fall within normal operating procedures doesn't make it more negative than the rest. Here is a good example:

You have two homes on the same street. Both of these homes are already valued below the average for the zip code they're in because of their age. They're both well kept and there's nothing wrong with their livability. It's just that they're older than the rest. One house sells for slightly under appraised value in the conventional manner. The other sells more below appraised value because the owners went the route of selling it through the typical "We Buy Houses" business. This is going to happen because it is a necessary trade off for the expedient manner in which the house is sold. When it's all said and done though, you are getting roughly as much for your home as you would by selling through a realtor because of all the fee's you have to pay a realtor.

When houses like this sell it makes the overall property value of the neighborhood go down slightly because they were both sold under appraisal. That's just the nature of the business. We Buy Houses business understand this and feel that you, as the consumer, have a right to know this as well. You shouldn't feel guilty about using this service when you need to because, really, everyone involved comes out as winners. You get your house sold fast, which puts it back on the market faster to get re-sold, and the market itself wasn't overly effected by the transaction in a negative manner.