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How to Get Your Home Sold in the Winter

Posted Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Baby its getting cold outside! Selling a home and having to sell it fast can be a stressful situation, what makes selling even more stressful? Try having to list and sell your home in the dead of winter. The landscaping is hopeless, it’s cold, there’s snow, ice, wind and to top it off less light hours in the day for showings.

If you need to get your home sold and don’t have time to wait until spring there are some positives to listing in the cold weather. There may be less buyers, but also less competition. Here are some tips for helping you get your home sold fast during the winter months. The winter season makes focusing on indoor staging important because the outside may not provide the best first impression.

To get your home ready for selling this time of the year, some effort is going to need to be put forth. You can really make your home stand out and attract buyers during this less desirable real estate season.

Clearing snow and ice is a #1 priority. If your buyer cannot even make it up to the house due to safety concerns from un-cleared snow and ice, its simple, your house will not sell. This also helps to make the home look maintained. If you are away often or are not currently living in the home, it’s recommended to hire a service.

Keep the home extra warm. If you know a showing is scheduled, bump up the thermostat a few degrees. If you have a fireplace, having a nice fire burning. When a potential buyer is coming in from extreme cold, a nice warm home will give them a pleasant feeling and impression about your home. If you live out of the home it is important to keep the utilities on for this reason and also do avoid freezing damage.

Try to schedule showings during daylight hours. Curtains/blinds should be kept open fully during daytime showings. Clean the lamps/shades and use higher wattage bulbs. Before the showing turn on all of the lights to give your home the look of being bright and cheery. If you are not living inside your home or are planning to be away during showings, be sure to put your indoor and outdoor lighting on timers so that the home can always have a bright appearance.

Even though it may dreary outside, you still want to give potential buyers a good first impression. Make sure the yard is free of debris, clean your windows, touch up any paint issues or other eyesores on the exterior.

Create a comfortable and appealing atmosphere. Play soft music, small touches such as a nice throw draped across your sofa. Tastefully decorate around the holidays to create a homey atmosphere (but don’t go overboard so the home looks cluttered). Have a simmering pot of cinnamon sticks going, or freshly baked cookies will offer a nice aroma in your home. Baked goods and beverages out for buyers is a nice touch and will leave a strong lasting first impression.

If your neighborhood has a good reputation for cleared roads making it easier to commute in the winter, or it’s close to bus stop so the kids don’t have to be out for too long in the cold be sure to mention these pros. Consider working with a real estate expert to help sell your home in the winter months and sell it fast.