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How to Sell Your Home Fast and Get Highest Price

Posted Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A major life changing situation has popped up and you suddenly need to sell your house and fast. Every seller wants their home to sell quickly and for the highest price, here are some things you can do to achieve those goals.

Pack photographs and heirlooms away. Most buyers do not see past personal things and you don’t want them to be distracted from picturing their treasures in your home. De-clutter! People collect a great deal of “stuff” and if your house is full of things you don’t use, donate or throw away. Remove books from shelves. Tone down knick knacks and clean off counters and shelves. It’s a head start on packing for your move.

Organize Closets/Cabinets. Often times these spaces are very important to buyers. You don’t want a closet or cabinet door opened to have an avalanche of stuff fall out. You want buyers to see how much extra storage space your home can offer them! You want your home to appear larger. Rent a storage unit if you have an abundance of furniture and remove furniture that blocks paths and walkways.

Are there things in the home that you know for sure you’re taking when you move? Remove them and replace or put into storage now. If these items are not in the house, potential buyers will never know there was something they might have wanted to include in the purchase.

Make minor repairs so that your home appears well maintained to buyers. Inexpensive yet important things to do; patch holes and fix cracks in tile. Repair doors or drawers that don’t work properly. Paint rooms that have crazy colors, neutral. You don’t want your home to be memorable for the neon pink bathroom. Cleaning is very important, you want your home to have a good first impression. Here are some low cost things you can do to spruce up your home.

•Have all windows cleaned.
•Clear cobwebs … don’t forget the basement.
•Redo or bleach caulking in bathrooms.
•Clean up fixtures and mirrors.
•Clean the inside of the appliances you are leaving behind.
•Vacuum, especially before buyers walk through.
•Look up when you dust so you don’t forget ceiling fans and light fixtures.
•Hang fresh towels in bathrooms.
•Clean and air out any areas with bad odors.
•Re-arrange furniture to make rooms look bigger.
•Make sure window coverings are level or that blinds are clean and lying flat.
The outside is just as important as inside. If a buyer is reluctant because the outside is a mess, they will never go inside.
•Power wash exterior, driveway and sidewalks
•Keep all paths leading to the home free of grass/leaves or snow/ice in winter.
•Keep lawn cut.
•Paint faded areas of siding and trim.
•Trim bushes and be sure your house number can be seen so that buyers can find it.

If you are in a circumstance and unable to make any repairs to your home and you need to sell your home fast due to extreme circumstances, consider working with a We Buy Homes Investor who can purchase your home for cash and in “as-is” condition.