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Selling My House In San Diego

Posted Thursday, October 5, 2017

Selling a home is a difficult process for many people. With the huge financial investment in a home, numerous people want to get as much as possible when selling their home. The real estate market in San Diego is hot. There are few homes on the market, and buyers are having to pay more in order to purchase the current inventory. This is a great trend if you own a home and are thinking about selling it in the future.

The average selling price of a home in San Diego is around $605,000. This represents a seven percent increase over last year. When looking at prices for last month, the average selling price is actually down by one percent. Many real estate market experts believe that this is just a momentary decrease and prices will continue trending up.

The number of homes sold in San Diego is lower than last year. The main driver behind this metric is a lack of inventory on the market. There is much higher demand from buyers than there are homes available.

In the last month, San Diego had over 9,000 homes sold in the area. This is a ten percent decrease from the same time period last year. In the coming years, many people expect that the number of new homes built will finally start to satisfy demand from buyers.

Another important metric in any real estate market is the average days on market. This shows how long a home must sit on the market before a deal closes. In San Diego, the average days on market is only 45 days. This means that a home is selling almost immediately once it hits the market. This is a sign of a strong housing market with high demand from buyers. Until more inventory comes on the market, the average days on market will continue to be low. This means that sellers can sell my house fast in the current environment. 

Selling a home is a long process that is difficult for many people. There are a variety of people who struggle to sell their home for top dollar. Some people tell their real estate agent to sell my house fast no matter what. Other people would rather wait and see what the best offer is from interested buyers. Selling your home is all about preparation. The more time you take to prepare your home before it goes on the market, the higher the chance that the home will sell quickly.