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Selling My House in Las Vegas

Posted Thursday, November 9, 2017

Entering the real estate market can be frustrating for both buyers and sellers, especially if you're not familiar with the ropes. There are several important trends to pay attention to when looking to sell your current home. These trends generally vary by location due to buyer bias but being aware of them can speed up the listing and closing process. If you’re a Las Vegas homeowner thinking to “sell my house fast”, here are some tips to help you accomplish that. 

Unless you’re planning to sell to investors, homes that already have all major upgrades and repairs done sell much faster than fixer-uppers. Invest that extra time and money to make your home move-in ready, preferably with contemporary fixtures because modern living is preferred in this area. Typical Las Vegas homes spend around a year on the market before being sold. However, listing at critical times, such as in the spring when school is about to end, will speed up the process as demand skyrockets. In tune with that pattern, homes in a good school district tend to sell much faster than those that aren't. 

Many individuals looking to move to the area don’t have cash and will rely on the FHA loans, which may be risky without a good real estate agent to help you through the hoops. The average selling price of a home in Las Vegas is $227,000 or $147 per square foot. The FHA limits most single-family mortgages in the area to $287,500. This also means luxury homes will take longer to sell to qualified buyers. 

Most homebuyers start their search on the Internet, so be sure to make your listing available online. Complete it with pictures and contact information to arouse interest in those who come across the listing. If tours aren’t being requested 2-5 times per week, then perhaps the price should be lowered to sell faster. Keep your hopes up if you think the market is slow because around 93,000 homes were sold over the past few months, with the peak being 8,200 in the month of March, and yours could be next!