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Selling Your House in Seattle, WA

Posted Monday, December 4, 2017

If you are looking to sell my house fast, preparation is key. Proper representation by a real estate agent who understands the Seattle market comes in handy for marketing, negotiation, transaction forms, and finance options. And fixing the price to just the right amount will help sell your house even faster. Factors that affect pricing include, listing prices of similar homes within the neighborhood, location, and condition of the home.

With houses, first impressions matter. Given that almost everyone nowadays begins their search on the internet before venturing out, it is important to polish up postings online that will get the attention of buyers, in addition to open houses and print advertising. To sell a house fast factor in home showings. As such, it is best to move out before placing the house on the market and to keep it clean. Clutter makes it harder for the potential buyer to view the home as their own, and make an offer on the same.

For someone looking to sell my house, decide whether you will be using an agent or not. Additionally, you need to cover the basics. Some of the fees to look at include realtor’s commission, which is the largest fee you have to bear in mind as a seller, and home repairs. Other costs include inspection repairs, staging (makes it easier for the buyer to view the home as their own), utilities, mortgage payoff, and closing costs and additional fees such as escrow fees. These costs need to be factored into the asking price, and do somewhat determine how fast your house will sell.