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Selling Your House in Phoenix, AZ 

Posted Monday, December 11, 2017

If you've come to the decision to sell my house in Phoenix, thereare several important factors to keep in mind. You will also need to keep inmind the average time most houses sell in Phoenix, the average selling price ofsurrounding homes, and how many houses sold over the last few months. Havingknowledge of all these factors, before you start trying to sell, will helpensure an easier process.

Even though the number of days a home stays on the market varies, trends canoften be reliable indicators based on sales over the past three years. A housein Phoenix stays on the market an average of 157 days, and knowing this willmake it easier for you to plan ahead. In other nearby areas, such as the EastValley, days on the market average between 72 and 117 days. 

Knowledge of the area’s average selling price will also make your decision to “sell myhouse” easier, and is essential for setting a good selling price thatworks for you. As of late 2017 The median price for a home in Phoenix was$221,000. This price represents an 11% increase over prices from 2016,reflected in communities in the greater metro area as well.

Taking all of these factors into account when you decide to sell will helpincrease your chances of getting the price that you want for your home. Phoenixhas always been a great place to buy a home, and an increase in newconstruction has provided even more opportunities for sales. Due to theabundance of buyers looking for homes, selling your home is likely to providesatisfactory results. Going into the selling process well-prepared will helpensure that you get a good price for your home and a painless experience.