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Sell My House in Missoula, MT

Posted Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Home values in Missoula have been increasing steadily over the last two years. As the economic recovery continues to improve, the housing market has bounced back and home values have skyrocketed. It is a sellers’ market in Missoula right now because there is a shortage of available inventory.

Real estate market inventory levels, or the amount of homes that are for sale, can determine if it is a buyers' or a sellers’ market. An abundance of homes that are available to purchase makes it a buyers’ market. Buyers can make low offers on any home they are interested in purchasing because there are always other houses if the offer is denied.

When inventory levels are low, sellers begin to realize they can decide on a higher asking price, or actually see offers for more than their asking price. This is a great time for any person who is considering selling their home. Many people are seeing their homes sell so quickly that they are not prepared to move on such short notice.

However, selling your home even in a sellers’ market requires the help of a professional. A real estate professional can help you set your home at the right price, advertise it in the right manner, and bring qualified buyers to your doorstep for positive showing. When you say to yourself, “I'm ready to sell my house” your next step should be to find a quality real estate professional to help you make the most from your sale.

When you say, “Sell my house” to a real estate agent, they know that coming up with the right price for the property is key to a quick sale that is beneficial to all parties. This price, however, may not always be what the current owner expected. Many people undervalue their homes and this can cause a missed opportunity on more money when they sell the property. A professional agent can price your home in a manner that will meet the market demand and gain a fair price for the owner.

The Missoula real estate market is thriving for sellers at this time. With few projects for new home communities planned in the area, the demand will continue to stay high. Sellers who are ready to place their home on the market should act fast to take advantage of these increased home values and quick sales.