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Selling a Home in Westchester County

Posted Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Selling a home is an arduous process for many people. Few homeowners feel excited about the selling process. In some areas, now is the perfect time to sell a home. Westchester County is a competitive real estate market in New York. There is a shortage of housing inventory in this area. 

With low inventory, housing prices are almost 11 percent higher than last year. New York real estate is among the most expensive in the country. The average price per square foot in New York is $260. However, the average price per square foot in Westchester County is $305. Anyone buying a home in the area must be prepared to pay a premium due to all of the amenities in Westchester County.

Multiple housing trends are essential for home sellers to understand in Westchester County. Many buyers are looking for smaller homes. With the increasing price per square foot, it makes sense why people want to live in smaller homes. Young people are more likely to look for smaller homes as well.

Another significant housing trend is upgraded kitchens. Many homeowners want to have granite counters and updated appliances. Anyone saying sell my house fast should consider making these updates before listing a home on the market.

Selling a home is difficult because few people prepare for the process. Working with an experienced real estate agent is one of the best ways to improve the experience. Some people take a long time to sell their home because they list the price too high. One of the best ways to sell a home quickly is to price the home reasonably.

In Westchester County, homes that are reasonably priced usually have an offer on them within a few days. The average days on the market for a home is around 50 days in the area. With the average closing time around 45 days, this means that most sellers accept an offer within a week. When working with our team, home sellers will receive the information needed to sell quickly.

Due to life circumstances, some people tell real estate agents to sell my house fast while they are in another area. It is possible to sell a home while not living there anymore. However, communication with the real estate agent is critical. 

Before leaving, homeowners should do everything they can to make the home more appealing. Adding fresh paint is just one example of an easy way to improve the look of a home. New homeowners want to know that a home has been taken care of.