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Sell My House in Mesa, AZ

Posted Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Located in the Phoenix Metropolitan area, Mesa is named after the Spanish word "tabletop" and was first settled in 1878. With the growth of the Phoenix area, Mesa has become a highly desirable area for people moving to the suburbs. It's currently the 38th largest city in the U.S. Mesa's home median value is estimated to be about $238,000, which is about $153 per square foot. This is slightly lower than the Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale Metroplex of $157 per square foot, making this a great time to sell my house in Mesa. Mesa's home prices have gone up about 6.2% over the past year and are predicted to continue the upward trend. Predictions are that home prices will increase at least 3.2%.

Mesa also has a healthy rental market with the median rental price being $1,390. That's lower than the Metroplex's median rental price of $1,495.Three of Mesa's top selling neighborhoods are: Stonegate Estates, Superstition Springs, and Alta Mesa. The median home value in Stonegate is $277,700, the median value in Superstition is $271,400, and the median value in Alta Mesa is $259,200.

Many of the schools in Mesa are ranked very high, especially the elementary schools and the charter schools. It's the largest school district in Arizona. In order to sell my house, buyers evaluate education, the city's amenities, and places of employment. The city of Mesa has many parks and recreational facilities for families to enjoy, including two off-leash dog parks. Many of these parks have playgrounds, lakes, and walking trails.

Several companies have major operations in Mesa, including: Bridgestone, Boeing, Mitsubishi, Apple, FUJIFILM, and Infineon. The metro area has been ranked second in the nation for its growth in the tech sector by CRBE. You'll find operations of major Textron Aviation companies such as Cessna/Citation and Able Aerospace. It also has important companies in the medical device business and Cybersecurity.

With the job market possibilities, it's no wonder Mesa is a desirable area to live in. If you have found yourself needing to sell your home because of downsizing, relocating, or financial difficulties, a local, professional agent can help you sell your home. By getting in contact with someone in your area who knows the ins and outs of the Mesa real estate market you can get started on selling your home today.