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Sell My House In Olympia, WA

Posted Thursday, October 24, 2019

The capital of Washington State, Olympia is known as a progressive city filled with natural beauty everywhere one looks. With a population of slightly over 51,000 residents, it has come to be known over the years as one of the region's most important centers for fine arts. Having a growing economy and excellent educational facilities at all levels, it is attracting more and more new residents each year. Because of this, it is an excellent time to sell my house in Olympia, WA.

With average home values approaching $340,000, Olympia homes are some of the more expensive in the Pacific Northwest. This, coupled with over 21,000 homes currently for sale in the area, make it difficult for prospective buyers to find affordable homes. However, this can work to your advantage. If you are wanting to sell your property quickly due to a job relocation, family illness, divorce, or even an inheritance, you will be able to offer a comparable home at a lower price, prompting buyers to give your property a second look.

Due to Olympia's growing economy, those who move to the city are quite interested in nearby educational facilities. As for public schools, the city has some of the state's best, and is also known to work closely with homeschooling families by offering state-of-the-art online courses. As for higher education, Saint Martin's University is the best-known college in the area. Offering degrees in numerous areas, it has been recognized for its programs in business, teaching, and engineering.

Once a person moves to Olympia, they quickly find there is no shortage of fun activities. Being a regional gathering spot for art, music, and theater, many residents as well as tourists love to attend the annual Olympia Film Festival. Featuring a wide array of films, it is held annually at the city's famed Capitol Theater. However, if your idea of fun is spending the day outside enjoying all nature has to offer, you may want to visit some of the city's parks. One of the most popular is Percival Landing Park, which offers a boardwalk, playground, picnic areas, and much more. Finally, if you love a parade, you won't want to miss the city's annual Procession of the Species. With more than 3,000 participants wearing an array of colorful costumes, the parade regularly attracts over 30,000 spectators.

Rather than work with a traditional real estate agent who may or may not try very hard to sell your home, work with professionals who instead know how to sell my house quickly. By doing so, you can sell your home, have cash in your pocket, and be worry-free as you move forward.