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Sell My House In Melrose, MA

Posted Monday, December 2, 2019

A suburb of Boston located only seven miles from the city, Melrose is a quaint Massachusetts city with just under 30,000 residents. With its motto "One Community Open to All," it is a destination for young families, professionals, and retirees. Embracing its Victorian heritage, Melrose is known for its cozy downtown filled with local shops and restaurants. Due to its growing popularity, many people seeking to call Melrose their new home are in search of affordable real estate, making it the perfect time to sell my house.

While a popular destination for many people, Melrose is not considered a city that offers large amounts of affordable real estate. While some properties can be found for around $300,000 or slightly more, many properties approach $1 million, with the average price being about $650,000. Along with many newer single-family homes and townhouses built near downtown, Melrose has a variety of older, historic homes available in various neighborhoods such as Cedar Park and Oak Grove. However, since people are continually wanting to move to Melrose, it is still considered a seller's market. Thus, by being able to offer a comparable property at a lower price, you can find yourself selling much faster than those around you.

When it comes to local school systems, few in Massachusetts can match Melrose. Whether it is their use of technology, commitment to alternative forms of energy, or athletic achievements, Melrose schools have won countless awards for excellence. In fact, the state's Department of Education has given the Compass School Award, the Technology Collaborative's Green School Award, and the Spotlight School Award to various schools in the city over the past decade.

Whether you live in the heart of downtown or on the outskirts in an older, historic neighborhood, Melrose offers plenty of activities and fun for its residents. If you love good food, the city is known for its excellent seafood and Italian restaurants. Along with this, the city also boasts many art venues where both modern and classic pieces of art can be viewed by all. For music lovers, downtown also has a variety of clubs that feature blues, jazz, rock, and many other styles of music. If golf is your game, play a round at Mount Hood Golf Club, which is well-suited for both experts and amateurs.

Demonstrating everyday that it is indeed a community that is open to all, Melrose is consistently picked as one of the hottest real estate markets in the nation. Because of this, deciding to sell my house will virtually guarantee you'll get the price you want, letting you move on from a divorce or to relocate for a new job.