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How Decorating Helped Me Sell My House Fast

Posted Saturday, February 2, 2008

When a person first sets out to sell their house, one of the first things you hear is “I want to sell my house fast.”  People will work on cleaning and repairing until they are exhausted.  These things are important, but a much over-looked strategy that will appeal to local homebuyers is the use of psychological decorating. 


To help me sell my house fast, I had to first decide on whom I wanted to target.  Local homebuyers can be divided into first-time buyers and buyers who are seeking to move into a larger house.  You may also want to take into account the income of your local homebuyers.  When using color to sell my house fast, I kept in mind that people who have higher educations and more income are often attracted to colors that are not easily defined, these are called complex colors and come in names like brick red and sage green.  First time local homebuyers are likely to be attracted more to simple colors such as yellow with blue or green trim.


When trying to sell my house fast, I also took into account that yellow houses seem to sell faster according to studies of local homebuyers.  Yellow appears warm and friendly.  This helps local homebuyers feel two of their home needs, comfort and connection, are taken care of.  Now, if your house is not yellow, that is no reason to panic.  Wanting to sell my house fast, I next did some research further into color psychology.  You don’t want to spend extra money at this time unless it will help sell your house.  Painting, both outdoors and inside can meet this need. 


Wanting to sell my house fast, I considered how I could make local homebuyers feel comfortable and good about the house.  Two colors can be dull and predictable, but add a third or fourth color in small amounts will help give the impression of fun and happy.  This will draw in local homebuyers at a higher rate.  It adds yet another advantage.


Local homebuyers will want a house that speaks of security.  Having four colors on the exterior enabled me to use only those colors inside, in various combinations.  Instead of plain white walls, which often appear too sterile and would have defeated my purposed to sell my house fast, I was able to use muted variations of the colors from the exterior.  Using a slightly tinted paint on the walls makes it appear more cheerful.  Color says happy and this appeals to local homebuyers.  Think pastel shades here.


I then started to think about individual rooms and what I could do to them to help sell my house fast.  Think about the function of each room.  Kitchens are often the family meeting place.  Many people automatically think of yellow in the kitchen, it will give the feel of happiness.  Bedrooms need to appear restful so pastel greens or blues will help with that impression.  Bathrooms are the only room that plain white will appeal to local homebuyers.  White says clean and sparkling. 


Following a few of the hints above will enable you to say “Color helped me sell my house fast!”