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How To Boost Your Client Base

Posted Saturday, October 20, 2018

According to the National Association of Realtors, 75 percent of a real estate agent's business comes from referrals and word-of-mouth. Because of this, it's crucial to find new and innovative ways to grow your client base. While it may take some time, the payoff can literally be worth millions. If you are an agent, or perhaps a real estate investor, who is eager to gain new clients, here are some great ways to do so. 

Harness the Power of Social Media 
To be a success in today's real estate world, agents and investors must use Facebook and Twitter to their advantage. Along with posting interesting and useful information almost daily, you can also post links to recent blogs you've written, or perhaps post a video of yourself explaining how you can help new clients find their dream home. With more than 650 million estimated daily users on Facebook, gaining online referral leads in this manner is not a question of if you will gain new leads, but how many you are certain to gain along the way. 

Have a Sound Email Strategy 
While text messages and phone calls are good ways to stay in touch with clients, email is still far and away the best method of boosting a client base. Whether staying in touch with past clients or reaching out to new prospects, one of the best things you can do is create an online newsletter, then send it to anyone and everyone who may need your services or knows someone who will in the future. By using this approach, it's estimated online referral leads may increase by as much as 66 percent, especially if your newsletter is formatted so that it can be opened and read on a mobile device. 

Use the Personal Touch 
As any smart businessperson knows, a little charm and sincerity goes a long way with customers. Therefore, keep detailed notes of all conversations you have with people. By doing so, you'll be able to send a note or card commemorating a birthday, graduation, anniversary, or other special occasion. While this may take some effort, current and future clients will be impressed by your caring attitude. 

Don't be a "Secret" Agent 
To be a success in real estate, don't be a secret agent that keeps their identity hidden. Instead, never hesitate to always introduce yourself as a real estate agent, and be prepared to give everyone you meet a business card with your contact information. Whether you're in the grocery store, at a gas station, or elsewhere, you'll be surprised at how many people will either be in the market for a new home themselves, or know someone who is looking to buy or sell.