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Things to Prepare When Selling A House

Posted Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I want to sell my house, but how do I get it ready? That's a common question asked of realtors. They realize that you're living there already and understand that it's going to look lived in. It shouldn't look cluttered and in disarray though. Buyers will know that you live there. Make the best impression that you can with what you have to work with.

First impression

Curb appeal might be an overused phrase in the real estate industry, but it does create much of the first impression of a home. A well maintained lawn with trimmed shrubs and flowers is an eye catcher. A freshly painted front door with a shiny handle, along with a fresh and clean exterior mat makes the house smile from the outside while inviting the potential buyer inside.

Less is more

Inside, you want to create a roomy impression and capitalize on the natural light that's available. Minimize on furniture and take all of those family pictures off of the wall. As long as you're at it, spackle the nail holes and paint as much of the interior as possible white. White accentuates light and creates more space than there actually is.

Clean daily when showing

Agents might want to take potential buyers through at inopportune times. Always be prepared for those times. The next person that comes at an inopportune time might be your new buyer. Uncluttered counters again create the image of space and light. Bathrooms should be spotless. Yes, that's every day. You're family can pitch in to help.

Cabinets and closets

Whether they're nosey or not, buyers will open cabinets, kitchen drawers and closets. Stack dishes and saucers neatly. Organize coffee cups. Store pots and pans inside of each other according to size. Don't forget to take the garbage out. Pair shoes up straight in closets and make sure all shirts and sport coats are hung facing the same direction. Except for shoes, clear closet floors.

You'll want your home to make a great impression on your realtor too. Before you even have them over to take a look, take care of the items that have been discussed here, and you'll have a happy realtor that's not at all apprehensive when you tell them "sell my house."