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Relocating? How to Sell Your Home Fast!

Posted Thursday, July 25, 2013

So, you have to relocate. Sometimes it is expected or planned, but sometimes the need to relocate comes quickly due to a new job offer, promotion, company relocation, or having to deal with family related circumstances,etc.

So what do you do with your current home when you face relocation?

The biggest hurdle you face when having to relocate is your housing situation – this is the case on both sides of the coin. You may first wonder where you are going to live when you move. Then more importantly how can you sell your home fast so that you can focus on other important matters and get settled in your new location. The answers is that you may have to consider alternative selling methods to move quickly. The traditional real estate sales process can often take a minimum of three to four months, in good markets … to upwards of six months or more in slower markets.  

Why? Finding a real estate agent, making necessary repairs (to assist in getting the best possible price for your home), preparing for open houses, review and response to offers,waiting on the closing process, inspections etc. is a long process. The process is not always fast and is not one that lends itself to sellers who are in a hurry due to having to relocate.

So what can you do if you have to sell your home fast due to relocation? 

Private home buyers/investors are typically the quickest solution. The have built their business around buying homes fast and saving home sellers significant time and expense.They operate their business by avoiding the typical real estate process.They’re a private buyer and can buy your home quickly (often even being able to close on your sale within as little as 7 days). You negotiate directly with one individual or company, they typically do not pay market value for homes (unless there are special circumstances surrounding your home or its location). However, they do shave months of time and the money required for typical real estate fees.  When you add up all the costs involved with a traditional real estate transaction (fees, commissions, closing costs, mortgage costs, etc. Every month that your home is sitting on the market, is money down the drain. This must be considered when deciding how to sell your home fast when you are relocating.


So if you find yourself in a situation where you have to sell your home fast due to relocation, the first step is contacting a company or individual that specializes in we buy houses fast.