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Do you own a home and considering relocation?

Posted Thursday, August 15, 2013

So you landed a new job out of state or there’s a family crisis and you have to sell your home and relocate to be closer to a loved one.  There are many important factors you need to consider before you move forward.

Take the time to be knowledgeable on the facts about your home, your neighborhood, and the market conditions of your area are very important when considering selling your home. How long will it take? How much is your home worth? What do you need to prepare the home to be put up for sale?How long will it take to sell?  How much is it worth?  Do you have to make any repairs to get your home ready for sale? 

Work with a professional. Interview several companies, make requests in writing and hold the agency you choose to work with you on selling your home accountable.  Before signing any agreement, look into the company and be sure that all of your questions are answered.

Price it right and be realistic. It is recommended that you have a professional appraisal of your home completed prior to putting your home up for sale. This helps you to know ahead of time exactly where you stand in the current market for your area and eliminates any unexpected surprises. You may also have to throw in some buyer or agent incentives to get your home on the prospect list of other agents in the area to show your home to their buyers.

Consider alternatives to putting your home on the market. 
Some consider renting their homes versus selling. There are however many factors to consider to be sure that renting and becoming a landlord is a smart financial decision. Do your research before renting out your home to be sure that you are not adding any complications or financial hardships into your life.


No ifs, ands or buts, you are thinking I must sell my house before I can move forward and relocate to a new area? Consider working with a we buy houses investor. Local buyers or investors can alleviate a lot of the stress involved in getting your home sold. Often they can sell my house fast and close on a deal to purchase your home in under 30 days, eliminate the financial burden of fees or commissions. Importantly it allows you to move forward with your relocation with a lot less financial stress and burden todeal with.