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Ways to Sell House Fast after Relocation

Posted Monday, February 2, 2015

When you are relocating for work, you may not have much time to list your home for sale. This leaves you wondering "How can I sell my house fast?" so that I do not have to cover the cost of two homes. When you are living in a new state hundreds or thousands of miles away from the place that you once called home, using traditional sales methods is not practical. Instead, you will need to consider your alternatives so that you are able to sell your property for a fair price without leaving on the market for months on end. Here are just a few ways that you can sell your house fast following your relocation.

Work With a Talented Real Estate Agent

Before you even leave for your new state, you should take the time to meet with prospective real estate agents. Be sure to do some homework and choose superstars in the area so that you know they have a large network of buyers and agents to work with. Let them know your situation and how important it is that your home sells quickly. An agent who can promote your home before it is even listed on the MLS is best.

If you let them know you will only retain them for 2 to 4 weeks before you will begin trying other methods, your real estate agent will push to work hard for you and hard for the commission. Believe it or not, superstar agents love the challenge and would love to tell future clients how quickly they were able to sell your home.

Price the Home Right and Offer Incentives

You should not price your home high if you are in a hurry to sell. Motivated sellers should focus on the sale and not on counters and negotiations. You will need to work with a professional to find out the current market value of the home and then decide what pricing strategy you are comfortable with. One way to spark interest in the property is to price it 10 percent below the market value to gain interest.

Just because this is what you listed at does not mean that is where the price will sit. Generally, doing this will create a bidding war if your home has the features buyers are looking for. This will give you more negotiating power and the ability to sell fast. Throwing in incentives like new paint or carpeting could also help if it is in your budget.

Ask Your Company If They Offer Help

If you are relocating for work, the company may actually offer home-sale help as part of the relocation agreement. Typically speaking, when this is an option, the home will be appraised and then the company will offer you a buyout for the fair market value of the home. The buyout is fair, and then the employer will work with a relocation company to list the property. If they sell the home for more, they will pocket the money. If they do not, they take on the risk.

As you can see, there are several options that will make it more likely that you will sell your home quickly. If you are not sure how you will carry all of the housing costs, it is time to start planning. Tell yourself "I will sell my house fast", and choose the option that works best for you.