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Tips To Successfully Sell Your Home Fast

Posted Friday, March 27, 2015

Job changes and relocation requests happen all the time. Whether you're moving to the next state or all the way across the country, it can be an extremely stressful and busy time for any business professional. One of the most stressful tasks is the sale of your home, and while you can never predict how long it will take to receive qualified bids, use the following tips to help you get the selling process started as soon as possible:

Make Necessary Repairs

In most cases, a job relocation request will give only give you a matter of two to three months to get everything together and head to your new hometown.

The first thing you need to do is to identify any major and minor repair issues that may come up in the sale. If you don't catch it the home inspector will, so be as thorough as possible.

If you can't fix the items yourself, hire a handyman or general contractor to help you.

Hire a Real Estate Agent

Many sellers attempt to manage the sales process by themselves, which, in most cases, turns out to be a huge mistake.

Homeowners with no real estate experience aren't familiar with the bidding process, what paperwork needs to be filled out or how much the house should be listed for. A real estate agent will work in your favor to get the best price possible because the final sale price affects how much commission he or she makes in the end.

When you're finally ready to say "sell my property" to a reputable and trustworthy real estate agent, make sure you'll have a good working relationship with them, and inform them of the urgency involved with the sale of your home.

You need to get out of that home as soon as possible, and your real estate agent will help you as much as possible to close on the sale in an efficient manner. If, for some reason, the house has not been sold by the time you leave, your real estate agent will still be able to hold open houses, talk to prospective buyers and bring you bids until the job is done.

Close Loose Ends

Now is the time you've chosen to sell your home. Make sure to have your agent list it below market value to attract more buyers. Put a sign in the front of your yard and take high quality pictures to include with your listing on every major real estate listing website you can think of.

When an agent hears someone say "sell my property", he or she begins to think about how much commission they can make from the sale. If you think the sales process is moving too slowly, offer your agent an incentive in the form of an increase in commission percentage if they sell your property before a self-imposed deadline.