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Why You Should Sell Your House When Relocating

Posted Sunday, May 31, 2015

Whether your employer has made a request that you relocate to another city or you plan on relocating because you desire a change of scenery, selling your home should be a top priority well before your scheduled move will take place. While there are a lot of options that are available for individuals who wish to sell their home, most don't offer a fast and convenient method. Many individuals who wish to sell their homes normally wait months or even more than a year before a quality buyer makes an offer.

A company that specializes in "we buy houses" promotions is the easiest and most time efficient way to sell a home before relocating to another area.

How Homeowners Normally Sell Their Homes

Consumers who wish to sell their homes have many selling methods at their disposal that they can choose from:

  • Hire a Real Estate Agent - Hiring a real estate agent can take a significant amount of time, especially if you don't know someone who can refer an agent to you. Commissions for selling a home can also be extremely high.
  • Sell the Home Yourself - Those who wish to sell their home without an agent are headed for disaster. Homeowners are unable to negotiate properly to get a fair price and are likely to make mistakes when filling out the required paperwork.
  • Use an Agency - Real estate agencies who employ a large number of agents are available to sell your home. It can take them a couple of weeks or more to get the paperwork together and assign it to an agent before your home is even on the market.
All three options are costly and families who plan to relocate on short notice can't afford to wait for their homes to be listed, showed, sold and then put into escrow.

How a Home Buying Company is Different

Using a company that purchases large amounts of properties on a regular basis is your best bet to experiencing a quick and pain free home sale process.

These companies often buy homes at slightly lower prices than market value because they plan on flipping the home and selling it in the future for a profit. The process is easy and quick because companies who specialize in this type of real estate investing have a dedicated team that will complete the process faster than a normal real estate agent would.

Using a "we buy houses" company also means that you won't have to wait for potential home buyers to visit your property, negotiate with your agent and then make their offer. You'll receive a fair price for your home as quickly as possible, freeing up more time for you to focus on relocating to a new city.