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How to Sell My House so I can Relocate

Posted Saturday, November 28, 2015

The most common reason you may need to sell your home is becauseyou need to relocate. Prior to 2007 the average duration people stayed in theirhome was 7 years. After the collapse of the housing market the average increasedfrom 7 years to 11 years. Even though the length of time people say in theirhome has increased, there are many people that need to sell their home quicklyso they can relocate.

Relocation because of a job offer in another city is acommon occurrence. The Internet allows us all to search for employment acrossmultiple towns, states, and countries. One of the biggest obstacles ofaccepting a new job is selling your home. The options you should consider whenselling your home include selling your home yourself, for sale by owner,selling with a real estate agent, or selling to a local real estate investor.

Sell your house home by yourself can be a complicatedprocess but may save you money. The money you save can be contributed to thesavings of not having to pay a real estate agent or real estate broker. Realestate agents typically cost 6 percent of your homes selling price, 3 percentfor real estate agent representing the seller and 3 percent for the real estateagent representing the buyer. If you are selling a $200,000 home then the costof selling with a real estate agent will be $12,000. The important thing toremember about selling with a real estate agent is that it is their job andthis will save you time and frustration.

The next option to consider is selling your home yourself,FSBO. If you decide to sell your home yourself you should consider the time andeffort it will take you. Although you may save money in the end, the time andeffort will be tremendous. You will need to research and learn how to sell yourhome yourself. You may want to attend a local FSBO class, which typically costbetween $100 and $200. After you learn how to sell your home you will need tospend some money on marketing your home. If you want your home shown on theMultiple Listing Service then you will likely have to pay between $250 and $300for a couple month listing. This will allow your home to be viewed by realestate agents that have buyer for houses. The important thing to remember isthat if an agent with a buyer does find your home, you will need to pay thebuyers realtor fess which is 3 percent of your homes selling price.

The last way of selling your house that you should consideris selling to a local real estate investor. There are real estate investors inevery major city in the nation. These investors purchase home from people thatwould like to sell quickly for a reasonable price. Some of the benefits ofselling to a real estate investor include selling quickly, selling for a fairprice, and selling your home without having to fix anything. Although realestate investors will want to buy your house for less than full market value,you will get a quick sale, not have to pay realtor fees, and don’t have tolearn, list, and sell your home FSBO.