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Real Estate Market in Motgomery County MD

Posted Friday, July 1, 2016

Real Estate Market in Montgomery County MD

Montgomery County offers neighborhoods radiating from Washington DC. The homes are newer and more affordable as they venture from the Capital Beltway. Close-in communities have the priciest homes, but also the best commuter locations. New communities along the I-270 corridor offer a range of modern styles and sizes. Along the crest of the county, there are sprawling farms and horse properties.

If you plan on selling a home fast http://www.experthomeoffers.com/, realtors suggest the following information about selling a home. Paint rooms, having colors that may not be appealing to everyone, a more neutral pallet. Painting is a relatively inexpensive preparation. Store clutter and depersonalize the home. Do some inexpensive landscaping and paint the door to improve the outside appeal.

Statistics show a 20 percent increase in homes sold in May of this year over May of last in Montgomery County. The inventory currently available is 20 percent less than this time last year. Last May, $412,000 was the median sales price of homes sold in Montgomery County. This year, the median sale price was $420,000. That is an $8000 or two percent increase over last year. The median price is a price in the middle of the statistics. There are an equal number of properties that sold below or above the median.

Relocation is the most common reason people need to sell a home. The average length of time people stay in their homes is 11 years. A new job offer is a common occurrence that makes relocation a necessity. Selling a home is often a big obstacle when accepting a new job.

The options in the pursuit of selling a home fast http://www.experthomeoffers.com are selling the home yourself, employing a real estate agent, or selling to a real estate investor. Investors need knowledge of any new laws that pertain to real estate investment. The real estate market is full of complexities, and new laws are likely to contain intricacies. If selling a high-end residential property, it is advisable to go through a real estate agency or have a lawyer draft a contract for the sale of a home. The lawyer reviews all documents necessary for the settlement transaction.

Take the effort and time required to sell a home yourself into consideration. Classes are available with a cost somewhere between $100 to $200 that teach how to sell your home. Choosing this option mean there is marketing cost.