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Rent to Own Charleston - Buy House with Bad Credit

Posted Sunday, November 18, 2007

Imagine spending hours and hours of your afternoons and weekends surfing the internet or scanning through thousands of classifieds searching for the perfect home in Charleston South Carolina. You finally find a home in the school district that you have wanted to live in for years. A home with all the features you need, such as an extra bedroom, separate laundry room, and two car garage.

You quickly submit an offer and hold your breath. Then you squeal, jump, and hug each other when you get the news that the offer on your new Charleston house has been accepted. You are most excited about the possibility of not having to rent a home in Charleston anymore. You can now own your own house.  

Now, imagine three weeks later getting a call from your Charleston mortgage company telling you that your loan had been turned down. You cannot get financing for your perfect home. You are going to be stuck renting a home in Charleston forever.

With banks and mortgage companies going out of business every week and a slower real estate market in Charleston, South Carolina, many people who want to buy houses are finding it more and more difficult to obtain financing. This situation is happening all over the nation, good, honest people being turned down for loans. 

Many situations occur that prevent renters from becoming home owners and buying a new home. Situations like, being self employed, not having enough time in a current job, not having a paper trail of income for the last two years, having a debt to credit ratio out of line, having large hospital bills, or going through a recent divorce.

Because situations like these, many renters who want to purchase a new home are turning to local real estate investors. These local real estate investors provide the opportunity for home buyers to rent to own in Charleston, lease purchase in Charleston, or lease option in Charleston.

Many homebuyers find that local real estate investors in Charleston provide an easy and effective way to buy the perfect home of their dreams, without the embarrassment of being turned down for financing. That means no more disappointment of having your hopes and dreams shattered due to circumstances that are sometimes out of a home buyers control.

The recent increase in lender requirements has made it very difficult for people to buy a new home. Now the fastest and most convenient way of buying a new home is through your local real estate investor. If you are tired of renting in Charleston and want to purchase a new home, I suggest contacting your local Charleston home buyer.

Local real estate investors buy wonderful homes from people who need to sell them fast. They then offer them to people like you who want to purchase a new home but do not qualify for conventional financing from mortgage companies. Your local rent to own Charleston company can usually have your financing in place allowing you to move into your new home in less than ten days.

If you are currently renting a home and are curious about the possibility of owning your own home, I would suggest talking with your local rent to own specialist. They will give you a free choice of financing options. Rent to own companies will not turn you down because of previous credit problems.