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Buying A Home In Charleston South Carolina

Posted Thursday, December 20, 2007

Are you tired of paying rent and want to own your own home? Not sure how to go about it? Who do you talk with? What do you need to do first?


In many respects, buying a home in Charleston South Carolina is all about the numbers, and to be more specific, if you have credit problems, are self-employed, or  do not have a big down payment, you need to know the game of numbers.


How much house can you afford? 

What will your down payment be?  

What is the monthly payment for a new house in Charleston?

What interest rate will you really receive given your income and credit history?


Knowing your numbers can often be the difference between making your landlord more rich in 2008 or owning a new home.


Let’s look at a few numbers that will definitely help you understand your feasibility of buying a new home:



The amount of your hard earned dollars that you have spent over the last 5 years if you have rented a house or apartment at the rate of $1000 month. ($1000 X 60 months= $60,000)



The number of houses that are available for sale in Charleston SC on the Multiple Listing Service, For Sale By Owners, etc.


650 plus

The average credit score number that you need to have to buy one of the 10,849 houses for sale, in today’s ultra-strict, topsy-turvy mortgage lending environment. In fact I met a Lt. Col. this week with a 715 beacon score that was turned down for a mortgage.



The average number of days that it takes to find your new home, make an offer, get a counter offer, accept/ratify contract, apply for a loan, have your mortgage company approve your financing, set your closing date, sign the closing documents, and move in your new house in Charleston.



The percentage of the sales price of the home that the average homeowner needs as a down payment in today’s market. (5% X $150,000 home = $7,500 down payment) 



The number of potential home buyers in Charleston, South Carolina who cannot qualify for a loan from a mortgage company, bank, or credit union but want to purchase a new home.



The number of first time Charleston homeowners that were turned down for a mortgage by mortgage lenders, banks and credit unions who have tightened their lending requirements.



The number of houses available in Charleston, S.C. that you can rent-to-own, lease purchase or have the owners finance with no bank qualifying and no credit check, even if you have already been turned down by a lender.



The number of home buyers who have contacted us in the past 10 days what want to purchase a new home.


What is the lesson these numbers can teach you?

There is one clear lesson that you can take from the South Carolina real estate numbers. If you are looking to buying a new home, have perfect credit, a big down payment, great employment history and a fairy tale life, you will have no problem purchasing one of the 10,849 houses available.


If you been turned away by a mortgage company, are self-employed, have gone thru a divorce, have been through a foreclosure, are new to your area, do not have great credit, or worse, no credit at all, looking at 10,849 houses that you can not get financing for is not the best way to make the numbers work in your favor.


There are companies that understand your frustration and can help. Local rent to own companies understand the numbers you are faced with, and they can help you buy a nice home in a nice neighborhood in the fastest and most convenient manner. Your local rent to own company consists of professional real estate solution providers who are the answer to your prayers. If you want to buy a new house contact your local Charleston rent to own company because there is no cost involved, so there is nothing to lose.